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Professor Colin Watts

BNOS President, Consultant Neurosurgeon

Mr Paul Grundy

BNOS Vice President, Consultant Neurosurgeon

Dr Jeremy Rees

Honorary Treasurer, Consultant Neurologist

Professor Sebastian Brandner

Professor of Neuropathology

Anna Crofton

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Dr Harpreet Hyare

Consultant Neuroradiologist

Professor Michael Jenkinson

Professor of Neurosurgery

Mr James Livermore

Neurosurgery Registrar

Professor Silvia Marino

Professor of Neuropathology

Dr Samantha Mills

Consultant Neuroradiologist

Dr Stefan Nowicki

Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Kathy Oliver

Co-opted Member/Chair, IBTA

Dr Simona Parrinello

Group Head, MRC

Professor Andrew Peet

Professor of Clinical Paediatric Oncology

Professor Susan Short

Professor of Clinical Oncology/Neuro-oncology

Professor Adam Waldman

Professor of Neuroradiology

Past Presidents

Professor John Darling (2007-2009)
Professor Charles Davis (2009-2011)
Professor Geoff Pilkington (2011-2013)
Professor David Walker (2013-2015)
Mr David Jellinek (2015 – 2017)
Professor Silvia Marino (2017 – 2019)

Honorary Members

Professor David Thomas (Life member and Founding President)
Professor Wolfgang Wick  (President of EANO)

BNOS Subcommittees

Education Subcommittee
Chair: Dr Samantha Mills

Research Subcommittee
Chair: Dr Harpreet Hyare

Patient Centred Care Subcommittee
Chair: Dr Helen Bulbeck

Updated: October 2019