Previous BNOS Conferences

BNOS 2018


At our BNOS 2018 meeting in Winchester:

  • Laurent James Livermore won best clinical oral prize for his presentation ‘Functionally guided supramaximal resection of IDH-wildtype glioblastomas and the effect on progression free survival.
  • Seamus Caragher won best scientific oral prize for his presentation ‘Epigenetic adaptation to therapy in glioblastoma: Popping the hood on therapeutic resistance’.
  • Markand Patel for his clinical poster presentation ‘Radiomic evaluation of treatment response in patients with glioblastoma: A pilot study‘.
  • Melanie Morrison for her basic science poster presentation ‘Characterization of radiotherapy-induced cerebral microbleeds with ultra-high field MRI: experience in young and adult brain tumour population‘.

BNOS 2017


At our BNOS 2017 meeting in Edinburgh:

  • Sana Sharrack won best clinical oral prize for her presentation ‘The impact of visual impairment on Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) scores in brain tumour patients‘.
  • Jignesh Tailor won best scientific oral prize for his presentation ‘A human iPS cell-based model of medulloblastoma demonstrates co-operativity between SHH signalling and mutation in an epigenetic modifier’.
  • Matthew Grech-Sollars for his poster presentation ‘18F-methylcholine PET/CT, in vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy imaging and tissue enzyme biomarkers of choline metabolism in primary brain gliomas‘.

BNOS 2016


At our BNOS 2016 meeting in Leeds:

  • best oral presentation prize was awarded to Jason Adhikaree (University of Nottingham)
  • best clinical poster prize was awarded to Ingela Oberg (Cambridge University Hospital Addenbrookes)
  • best scientific poster prize was awarded to Ciara Moriconi (University of Cardiff)

BNOS 2015

BNOS 2015 presentations


At our BNOS 2015 meeting in Nottingham best presentation and poster prizes were awarded to:

  • Ruman Rahman (University of Nottingham)
  • Matt Baker (University of Strathclyde)
  • Rebecca Lewis (N Bristol NHS Trust)
  • Kate Hollingshead (University of Birmingham)
  • Durga Sabnis (Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre, Nottingham)

Updated: June 2019