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The membership of the Society will represent and consist of individuals involved in the various scientific and clinical disciplines concerned with research and management of children and adults with any form of tumour affecting the central nervous system. Membership of the Society is also open to individuals from charities, patient/carer organisations, and not-for-profit organisations with an interest in research and management of children and adults with any form of tumour affecting the central nervous system.

Membership provides:

  • Website – access to a wealth of information via the website including constantly updated news from journals, conferences and the medical media, positions vacant, and funding opportunities
  • Networking across all the many disciplines involved in this sector of medicine and research
  • Discounted attendance at the Conference (including the preceding Educational Day)
  • AGM attendance and voting rights
  • Eligibility to stand for election to Council

Types of Membership
There are two rates of membership:

  • Standard rate £75 per annum – all physicians, those working in tenured scientific roles, technical, managerial and executive staff
  • Reduced rate £25 per annum – nurses, non-medical trainees, allied health professionals, charities and not-for-profit organisations

Temporary special offer:

  • A special offer rate of £25 is currently being offered to delegates who sign up for all four modules of the forthcoming Queen Square Multi-disciplinary Neuro-oncology Teaching Course commencing 30th November 2017.   Registration for all four modules must be made by 30th November 2017 to qualify for this offer.  (This offer does not extend to individuals not intending to attend this course.)
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The membership year runs from January to December and members must be paid up by end May in order to benefit from discounted Conference fees.

Benefits of Joining

There are several benefits to becoming a member of our organisation. The annual meeting provides the opportunity for cross fertilisation of ideas between clinicians and basic scientists dedicated to research and management of children and adults with tumours of the central nervous system.

Membership Renewals

You can login to your membership account to renew, cancel or amend your membership. If you have not become a member online and require a username and password, please contact us for this information.
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Standing Orders

Please email the BNOS Administrator to request a Standing Order for 1 January 2018 and/or online bank transfer details.

Cancellation of Standing Orders

If you wish to cancel your BNOS membership and have taken out a Standing Order, you need to write to your bank or do this via your online banking.

BNOS is not able to cancel a Standing Order on your behalf as it is an arrangement that you have set up directly with your bank.

Compliance with Data Protection Act 1998

All data you provide on the Membership Application Form will be entered onto the BNOS Membership Database for BNOS administrative purposes. If you do not wish your data to be held electronically, or for selected information to be shared with Government or national cancer research organisations, please email us.

Visit our page for further information on our compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.