Genomics England’s 100,000 Genome Project for Adult Primary Brain Tumours is now recruiting

By July 11, 2016Scientific/Research

4 July 2016

  • Opportunity to do whole genome sequencing for up to 1000 patients nationwide
  • All grades and types of gliomas but also rarer tumours such as embryonal tumours, pineal tumours, germ cell tumours and neuronal tumours are included
  • Dedicated 100,000  Genome Project team in many teaching hospitals is already present and is the first point of contact to set up the local process
  • Local process involves integration with the neuroscience MDT for patient selection, consent, recruitment and collection of clinical data set
  • Each neuroscience centre in England is already linked to one of the 13 Genomic Medical Centres where DNA extraction from the collected tumour samples will take place and forwarded on centrally for detailed sequencing.
  • Unique opportunity to obtain large and comprehensive genomic and clinical data with the aim of translation into better patient care

Further information:    Prof Keyoumars Ashkan (

Genomics England Clinical Interpretation Partnership Board Lead (Brain)