Bursaries 2018

BNOS is offering up to 20 bursaries at a maximum value of £250 each to cover the subsidised registration rate for non-medical trainees (eg. research PhD students), junior medical PhD students, undergraduate students, nurses*, allied health professionals*, and young clinicians who do not receive funding from elsewhere, to attend the BNOS 2018 meeting.

*Nurses and allied health professionals are not requested to submit an abstract for oral or poster presentation, but preference will be given to authors who have submitted an abstract if we receive a high number of applications.

• Please submit a one/two page letter justifying why obtaining a bursary for the BNOS 2018 meeting is important to you and your research.

• You are requested to include a maximum two page curriculum vitae.

• Please ask the head of your laboratory or department, who is required to be a member of BNOS, to email us a one page letter endorsing your request.

Applications should be submitted via email to administrator@bnos.org.uk by 5pm on 30th April for the year in question.