sm-2016Dear BNOS Members

I am delighted and honoured by the opportunity to be President of the British Neuro-Oncology Society.

Under the leadership of previous Presidents the society has gained significant momentum in attracting the clinical neuro-oncology community to BNOS and I am committed that the society continues to promote high-quality research and education to advance our understanding of brain tumours and ensures the very best care is provided to all patients.

In addition, I would like to draw in people from the basic research community interested in brain tumours to ensure that we have a joined-up vision with discoveries in basic cell and molecular biology informing the development of new clinical therapeutics.

Liaison between BNOS and sister societies both nationally and internationally will be very important, as it will be planning the next BNOS meetings to grow in our role of bringing together the neuro-oncology community.

I look forward to interacting closely with you all on this and many other issues during the next two years.

Silvia Marino

President, British Neuro-oncology Society