Professor Adam Waldman


  • Professor of Neuroradiology and Honorary Clinical Reader, Imperial College, London
  • Research Director, Imperial Hospitals Imaging Directorate
    Royal College of Radiologists Roentgen Professor 2009
  • Chair: National Cancer Research Network Brain Tumour Imaging Subgroup
  • Member: National Cancer Research Network Brain Tumour Group
    British Society of Neuroradiologists representative to BNOS




I originally studied basic sciences, and undertook a PhD and post-doctoral research in biophysics before training in medicine at Cambridge. My radiology and neuroradiology training was in London, and I have been a consultant since 2001. One of my main research interests is in basic and translational imaging development in neuro-oncology with particular reference to non-invasive tumour characterisation and improved imaging biomarkers for therapeutic development and clinical practice.


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