Dr Stefan Nowicki


Current Position

Consultant Clinical Oncology, Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre



Short Biography

I became a consultant clinical oncologist in February 2016. During my training, I was awarded a CRUK clinical research fellowship and completed a PhD in cancer metabolomics, investigating the metabolic and epigenetic consequences of the IDH1 mutation in astrocytoma. Since becoming a consultant, I have also taken an interest in the treatment of newly diagnosed glioblastoma with immunotherapy.

Research & Clinical Interests

I have an interest in cancer metabolomics and immunotherapy.

Selected Publications

Current Advances in Checkpoint Inhibitors: Lessons from Non-Central Nervous System Cancers and Potential for Glioblastoma. Lakin N, Rulach R, Nowicki S, Kurian KM. Front Oncol. 2017 Jul 6;7:141

Oncometabolites: tailoring our genes. Nowicki S, Gottlieb E. FEBS J. 2015 Aug;282(15):2796-805.

A survival analysis of GBM patients in the West of Scotland pre- and post-introduction of the Stupp regime. Teo M, Martin S, Owusu-Agyemang K, Nowicki S, Clark B, Mackinnon M, Stewart W, Paul J, St George J. Br J Neurosurg. 2014 Jun;28(3):351-5.