Dr Samantha Mills

Current Positions

Consultant Neuroradiologist, The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust


BSc Hons Neuroscience, University of Manchester, 1995
MBChB, University of Manchester, 1998
MRCP, Royal College of Physicians (London), 2002
FRCR, Royal College of Radiologists, 2005
PhD, University of Manchester, 2010


Dr Mills became a Consultant Neuroradiologist in January 2011 after completing her clinical training in Neuroradiology (Manchester Radiology Training Scheme). Prior to this she held a joint RCR/CRUK Clinical Research Fellowship, undertaking a PhD in advanced magnetic resonance imaging of adult brain tumours using novel MR techniques, including dynamic contrast enhanced MRI, diffusion imaging and oxygen enhanced MRI at the University of Manchester. Her academic interests include neuro-oncology, imaging biomarkers and translational research. In October 2014, she moved to the Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool.


NCRI (National Cancer Research Institute) Brain Tumour Clinical Studies Group and Imaging and Technology subgroup

RCR (Royal College of Radiologists) Standardised Oncology Reporting Group, Brain representative

Selected Publications

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