Dr Harpreet Hyare


Current Position

Consultant Neuroradiologist UCLH NHS Trust and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer UCL Institute of Neurology.



Short Biography

Qualified medical professional with experience in busy hospital and academic environment. Reputation for strong sense of integrity, performance excellence and commitment to patient care. Interest in translating quantitative MRI from the research setting into clinical practice, particularly in monitoring disease progression and effects of therapeutic intervention in neurodegeneration and brain tumours.

Research and Clinical Interests

My interest is in the translation of novel preclinical MRI sequences for modelling of therapeutic response in gliomas and CNS metastases.


British Neuro-oncological Society Council Member
Radiological Society North America Education Committee Member
NHS England Clinical Reference Group 2 Committee Member in Diagnostic Radiology

Selected Publications

Thust S, Hyare H, Rees J. Imaging of treatment response and pseudoresponse. Glioblastoma: State-Of-The-Art Neuroimaging. Tarik F Massoud. Nova Science Publishers. In Press.

Advanced MRI Techniques in the Monitoring of Treatment of Gliomas. Hyare  H, Thust S, Rees J. Curr Treat Options Neurol. 2017 Mar;19(3):11.

Neuroanatomical correlates of prion disease progression – a 3T longitudinal voxel-based morphometry study. De Vita E, Ridgway GR, White MJ, Porter MC, Caine D, Rudge P, Collinge J, Yousry TA, Jager HR, Mead S, Thornton JS, Hyare H . Neuroimage Clin. 2016 Nov 2;13:89-96.

Evolution of Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging Signal Abnormality in Sporadic

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, With Histopathological Correlation. Eisenmenger L, Porter MC, Carswell CJ,Thompson A, Mead S, Rudge P, Collinge J, Brandner S, Jäger HR, Hyare H . JAMA Neurol. 2016 Jan;73(1):76-84.

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