Dr Gerald Finnerty


Current Positions

Senior Lecturer, King’s College London & Hon Consultant Neurologist, King’s College Hospital.



Short biography

Gerald Finnerty studied medicine at Cambridge University and King’s College Hospital. He trained as a Neurologist in London. His PhD was on the mechanisms of the transition to seizure. After further neurological training, Dr Finnerty did a Post-doc at Brown University (USA) studying brain plasticity. He was subsequently awarded a Wellcome Trust Senior Clinical Fellowship to set up his lab. He is particularly interested in applying neuroscience to brain tumour research. Dr Finnerty’s clinical work is based in the Neuro-oncology service at King’s College Hospital & Guy’s Hospital. He has set up a training rotation for Neurologists with an interest in Neuro-oncology.

Research and Clinical Interests

Live human brain tissue to study how gliomas grow and interact with the surrounding brain and cause symptoms.
Tumour-associated seizures.
Lower-grade gliomas.
Liquid biopsy.


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