BNOS is governed by a core Council of approximately 12 directly elected members, usually of senior status in their discipline. It is representative of all branches of neuro-oncology and may include co-opted members with relevant experience.

The Officers of the Society are the President (who serves a two year term), Vice-President/President-Elect, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer. Council meets formally three times a year and the Officers participate in additional teleconferences.

There are three Sub-Committees: Clinical, Communications, and Scientific & Research. Each has approximately six members and may include individuals from outside Council. The Sub-Committees usually conduct their business via teleconference or SKYPE.

The BNOS Administrator provides part-time administrative, secretarial and IT support.  The part-time Administrative Assistant supports the BNOS Administrator.

The Honorary Treasurer handles all financial administration.

British Neuro-oncology Society Constitution

Updated:  May 2019