BNOS is governed by a core Council of approximately 12 directly elected members, usually of senior status in their discipline. It is representative of all branches of neuro-oncology and may include co-opted members with relevant experience.

The Officers of the Society are the President (who serves a two-year term), Vice-President/President-Elect, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer. Council meets formally three times a year and the Officers participate in additional teleconferences.

There are three Subcommittees: Education, Research, and Patient Centred Care. Each has approximately six members and may include individuals from outside Council. The Subcommittees usually conduct their business via tele/video conference.

The Society Administrative team provide a range of administrative and operational support, as well as involvement in various projects to further develop the aims and objectives of the Society.

The Honorary Treasurer handles all financial administration.

British Neuro-oncology Society Constitution

Updated:  September 2020