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Research News

In vivo overexpression of Emi1 promotes chromosome instability and tumorigenesis

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7 June 2016 Cell cycle genes are often aberrantly expressed in cancer, but how their misexpression drives tumorigenesis mostly remains unclear. Read more >>  

Clinical significance of B7-H6 protein expression in astrocytoma

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7 June 2016 Currently, immunotherapy by blocking the immune checkpoint inhibitors, such as anti-PD-1, has been carried out in many clinical studies on recurrent glioma, and the preliminary results are…

Glioma Signature Predicts Outcomes in Glioblastoma

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7 June 2016 In a study published in Neurology, investigators from China identified a local immune signature predictive of outcomes in glioblastoma (GBM) compared to lower grade glioma (LGG). Read…

Bioinformatic profiling identifies an immune-related risk signature for glioblastoma

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7 June 2016 Objective: To investigate the local immune status and its prognostic value in glioma. Read more >>  

Clinical Practice

Medical Oncologist for NICE clinical guideline on brain tumours (primary) and brain metastases

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24 June 2016 NICE has been asked to develop a guideline on BRAIN TUMOURS (PRIMARY) AND BRAIN METASTASES. The National Guideline Alliance (NGA) has been commissioned by NICE to carry…

ASCO 2016: Elderly patients with glioblastoma live longer with chemoradiation using temozolomide

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8 June 2016 A Canadian-led randomised phase III trial found that adding temozolomide chemotherapy during short-course radiation therapy, followed by monthly maintenance doses of temozolomide, significantly improved survival of elderly…

2016 ASCO Annual Meeting abstracts

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8 June 2016 Central Nervous System Tumours abstracts. Read more >>  

Surgery for meningioma in the elderly and long-term survival: comparison with an age- and sex-matched general population and with younger patients

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8 June 2016 The purpose of this study was to compare long-term prognosis after meningioma surgery in elderly and younger patients as well as to compare survival of elderly patients…