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Research News

Genomics England’s 100,000 Genome Project for Adult Primary Brain Tumours is now recruiting

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4 July 2016 Opportunity to do whole genome sequencing for up to 1000 patients nationwide All grades and types of gliomas but also rarer tumours such as embryonal tumours, pineal tumours,…

Roles of microRNA-99 family in human glioma

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28 June 2016 Deregulation of microRNA (miR)-99 family members (miR-99a, miR-99b, and miR-100) has been reported to play a crucial role in many cancer types. However, their roles in human…

Gliomas “Dope Up” for Growth

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28 June 2016 An emerging body of data highlights trophic functions of neurotransmitters on proliferation and differentiation of normal neural progenitors. In this issue of Cancer Cell, Dolma et al….

Suppression of autophagy impedes glioblastoma development and induces senescence

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28 June 2016 The function of macroautophagy/autophagy during tumor initiation or in established tumors can be highly distinct and context-dependent. To investigate the role of autophagy in gliomagenesis, we utilized…

Clinical Practice

Long-term analysis of the NOA-04 randomized phase III trial of sequential radiochemotherapy of anaplastic glioma with PCV or temozolomide

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4 July 2016 Optimal treatment and precise classification for anaplastic glioma are needed. Read more >>

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Outcome of young children with high-grade glioma treated with irradiation

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28 June 2016 Outcome of young children with high-grade glioma treated with irradiation-avoiding intensive chemotherapy regimens: Final report of the Head Start II and III trials. To report the final…

High levels of education linked to heightened brain tumour risk

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28 June 2016 Gliomas, in particular, were more common among people who had studied at university for at least three years than they were among those who didn’t go on…